Italians are not only good at life.A better understanding of the status of art in life .Simplicity has bee a feature of Italy furniture  There is no lack of fashion and elegance

This is one of the reasons for the durability of Italian furniture  Italian style furniture  With classic and modern two charming faces  

The combination of art and function is very close  Italy not only has the authentic European classical style  At the same time, it is also the most dynamic place in modern design  They combine the continuous advances in industrial technology and design

The pursuit of aesthetic attributes in meeting the functional requirements of products  This is the constant pursuit of

design philosophy and advocated Gema ---- simplicity

意大利人不但很会生活   更懂的艺术在生活中的地位  简约一直是意大利家具的特点  简约中不乏时尚与高贵

这就是意式家具经久不衰的原因之一 意式风格的家具  拥有古典和现代两张迷人面孔  把艺术与功能结合得十分紧密

意大利不但拥有正宗的欧洲古典风格  同时也是现代设计最具活力的地方  他们将不断进步的工业技术与设计的原创力结合起来

在满足产品功能性要求中追求审美属性  这也是哥玛不断追求和提倡的设计理念 ---- 简约

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GG携手GEMR CACR参加第三届米兰国际家具上海展,此次展会将于2018年11月22日至24日在上海举行

2018.10.19 - 2019.02.10 | 巴黎
Virtual Experience @ Salone del Mobile.Milano
The last episode of the series is set in Antwerp and features Vincent Van Duysen, architect and Creative Director of the Molteni&C|Dada brands.


策展人 Caroline Corbetta

GG参加2018米兰国际家具展之际,推出这一创新的概念,象征着意大利风格,诠释了Vincent Van Duysen设计的典型意大利风格的别墅,丰富了当代艺术家的作品

The new collections

Focus on the latest news designed for Molteni&C by the most prestigious names in the world of design.

New London Flagship Store for UniFor and GG Contract Division

UniFor and Molteni&C|Dada Contract Division, a Molteni Group Company, moved to its brand new Flagship Store, in collaboration with historic partner Ergonom, in Fitzroy Street, previously having been on Alfred place for over 20 years. Focusing on UniFor’s commercial office range, the showroom encapsulates the latest developments from the Contract Collection of the Group.